8 Best Cigar Humidor To Buy in 2018!

best cigar humidor

Humidors are essential for any aficionado, unless you plan on smoking 10,20,30 or so cigars in a day you will need a place to keep them. They are to be preserved and kept in controlled environments so they retain there flavor and quality over a long period of time. To help you select easily this is my selection of best cigar humidor for the money.

The humidor helps maintain the cigar by replicating the topical environment where the tobacco is maintained and grown for cigars. Before we jump into our cigar humidor reviews it is important to know what kind of environment we have to maintain and create and some essentials about storing cigars.

  • Store your cigar between 65-72% humidity.
  • To avoid tobacco beetle infestation it is best to store them under 75′ degree Fahrenheit.
  • Don’t store your cigars in the fridge.

My Pick For Best Humidor 2018

BCIC Cigar – 25 Cigar

Whether you are looking to gift someone a perfect case or just buying for yourself, this BCIC humidor is the perfect choice.

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When Selecting a Cigar Humidor!

There are different types of humidors available in the market same as big as walk in which you can usually find in shops and the smallest such as travel cases. In this article I will talk about the desktop ones that are perfect to keep anywhere from 20 to 200 cigars at a time.

If you are a beginner a table top or a desktop humidor is ideally should your first choice. They are not that expensive and when you are not sure about how many you are going to smoke, a small box is perfect. They also require less maintenance and are easy to carry.

The design of the box is your personal choice as it comes in many variety, some are leather covered while others beautifully made from custom woods. Some are glass tops so you can look at your cigars from the outside while others are completely blocked out so you have to open them if you want to check the hygrometer.

The insides of it are usually made from Spanish cedar, it is not the norm but it is widely accepted. It can withstand the humidity which other types of wood cannot and thus is preferred choice among the community.

Now that we are clear on the basics this is my selections of the best humidor category. Quick selection of top 3.

Mantello 25-50
Best Budget Desktop Humidor
Stores upto 50 cigars
Interiors made with high quality spanish cedar
Seals well
Cheap and budget friendly
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Genuine Leather
Best Travelling Humidor
Has compartments to store everything in one place while travelling
Cheap and budget friendly
Storage upto 10 cigars
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8 Best Cigar Humidors To Buy!

Now that you have understood some of the basic elements of it we can get started with selecting the best humidor for you. Although you don’t have to get every one of them, you just have to find that fits perfectly with your needs and get that one.

Best for travelling

Genuine Leather By Usgifts

genuine leather

This humidor comes with everything any aficionado ever needs for the smoking experience. It comes with cigar cutter, humidifier and even a lock and key to keep those stogies safe. Even though it can store only 6-10 cigars at a time, if you need something small and compact to keep in your office or in a table for a random smoke between months you will find this box to be very good.

It is perfect for travelling because you can conveniently store everything in one box and use them.

One of the reasons why I really like this box is because I keep it in my office and store it for those moments when my smoke is not planned, so this box contains everything in one place. Which is super convenient.

The leather design is very smooth and looks very good on a table. It does not pop out from rest of the furniture and blends in pretty nicely. The lock and key comes in very handy when in office so nobody steals my stogies and keeps them safe.

The insides feel a little cheap, maybe because they are from Asia but at the price this humidor is available right now it is a pretty good deal. It is not as quality as some of the more expensive ones but at the price it comes in it is quite worth the money.

  • Due to its cheap price it is convenient to have around.
  • Makes a good travel humidor.
  • Blends in with briefcases and luggage easily.
  • Convenient to store it anywhere.
  • Made of cheap material.
  • Interior does not feel good.
  • Can store only 8-10 cigars at a time.

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7. Prestige Import Group Monte Carlo Wood

prestige import

If you are looking for something more classic then this cedar wood humidor with handles is a perfect choice for you. It comes with inbuilt hygrometer and humidifier and can store upto 120 cigars at a time. The sides and the lock key are finished with gold color and look very classy.

The best part about this one is that it seals up well which is the most important factor when it comes to any type of humidor. The only thing I was disappointed with was the humidifier and hygrometer. The hygrometer stopped working in a few days and the humidifier kept falling I had to make a few modifications and replace the hygrometer.

Other then that the humidor itself was of high quality with a tight seal and works well.

  • Made of Cedar Wood.
  • Seals well.
  • Looks simple and classy sitting on wood tables.
  • Convenient to store it anywhere.
  • Hygrometer and humidifier tend to fail.

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6. Quality Importers Versailles 100 Cigar Glass Top

quality importers 100 cigar

This classic themed humidor has a glass on the top and in the front for easy viewing inside. It says that it can contain upto 100 cigars but from my experience it looked like the most that could be fit into the box was around 80. This box also comes with a lock and key and helps keeping the box sealed.

You will have to get a digital hygrometer because the one that it comes with is not that good. If the one that you receive is good then you can also remove it from the box and calibrate it accordingly. Its an option which is good. The best feature I like is the front end glass so I can see my cigars from my desk. It gives a good feeling. The price it is available on amazon right now it is definitely worth the price and one of the best humidor choice right now.

  • Glass on top and side make it easy for viewing.
  • Has an inbuilt spanish cedar humidifier holder.
  • Also has spanish cedar divider dividing space in two parts.
  • Convenient to store it anywhere.
  • Hygrometer tends to break down easily.

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5. The Modena Countertop Cigar Display

the modena

This counter top has a large glass on top rather then a small one which is very nice since you can then see a lot of space inside and view your cigars easily. It also comes with 4 adjustable dividers so you can keep your cigars separated easily accordingly. The angled storage also provides a very nice aesthetic appeal and also makes it easier to see when you are sitting far away.

It can store upto 100 cigars. This cherry wood box is for anyone who wishes to showcase this box to there friends or in a shop. It also includes 2 humidifier along with 1 hygrometer both gold.

My problem with this humidor is that the seal and the lock are a bit finicky and can come out. The seal has to be maintained a lot which you really shouldn’t have to do. It’s something that I faced and some of the reviews on the amazon also say that they did too.

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4. Quality Importers Trading Old Glory

old glory box

A perfect box for an american soul, with design of rugged american flag it brings out the patriot in you. A simple box which can hold upto 100 cigars, comes with humidifier, hygrometer and a simple lock and key.

This humidor is perfect for those who appreciate good craftsmanship and are still american at heart. Along with good design the box seals well and keeps the humidity in check very nicely. This thing is beautiful and I am sure it fits perfect for those with manly personas.

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black edition bcic

If you are tired of cheaply Asian made humidors then this will be perfect for you, made in Latin america where cigar culture is huge this box is designed by the smokers for the smokers. It comes with plate so you can engrave and personalize this box to you or somebody who you are giving this as a gift. It also include a cutter and liquid as a free bonus, which I think at the price should anyways be included.

Overall design wise the box is beautiful look at with the small hygrometer on the outside and its stunning black finish along with the latch system.

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2. The Ravello 300

the ravellow

This 300 cigar holder is a good budget option if you are looking for a bulk holder and with drawers and is beautifully crafted humidor. It comes with 2 large humidifiers along with 1 glass hygrometer and also two divider drawers in the bottom to store all of the other accessories.

This is not a small humidor its almost a mini cabinet sitting on top of your table. Rightly so since it can store upto 300 cigars at a time. Even though it is big, it is beautiful and multipurpose at the same time, so all the space that it takes can be used to store all your accessories in one place.

In the image you will notice that there are 4 drawers whereas in reality the bottom 2 drawers are the one that can be used as storage option whereas the top 2 drawers are imitation or fake.

The seal works very well keeping the humidity in check while still being a budget option. The price may fluctuate a lot so make sure to check out its latest price below but how much ever it may change it is still not one of those most expensive options out there. Some of the users have had it for years and never faced any problems with it.

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1.Dublin Desktop Glasstop

dublin desktp

This 100 cigar holder box is one of those simple but works great humidor. The glasstop positioning is quite well and you can see all your precious stogies underneath in it. It comes tightly packed with foam, cushions etc to ensure nothing gets damaged in the transit.

When it comes to maintaining humidity levels it does the job very well and has tight seals that keep the atmosphere in control at all times.

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My favorite from the list is monte carlo and trading glory. They are simple and look good . Eventually a humidor is something that you will have to get there is no other way around it. It is very important to store your cigars correctly so that you can enjoy it when the moment comes. Hope you liked our list of best cigar humidors just note that you can’t just buy a box and expect it to do everything you will have to do some preparations too.