Seasoning A Humidor.. Everything You Need To Know!

how to season a humidor

You have finally got yourself a brand new box and in this box you are going to store your most precious stogies but wait you can’t just take it out and place your cigars in them. We have to season it first and if you don’t know how to do this, read my guide on how to season a humidor.

Before we begin there are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind. 

  • Always follow the manufacture’s guidelines so you don’t end up voiding any warranties. Also they know what they have created and how it has to be handled. Make sure to read the guideline or instruction manual with the box.
  • If you have the best humidor from a good company and brand it is also possible that you might not need to season.
  • Incase there aren’t instructions proceed with seasoning.

Now that it is clear let’s move onto learning on how to season a humidor.


  1. Distilled water – Make note that distilled water is different from filtered water and regular tap water. Distilled water does not contain any mineral deposits, these minerals which regular water contains can seep into wood, humidification devices and cigars.
  2. Regular small bowl
  3. Clean sponge or cotton cloth.

Steps To Seasoning A Humidor

Step 1 – Open your humidor completely and remove all the trays  and gadgets from it. Things like hygromoter etc have to be removed so as to not interfere with the process.

Step 2 – Once everything is removed we will make sure of all the visible wood as once we start we have to cover every inch of it.

Step 3 – Take distilled water and pour some in a small bowl. We don’t have too much water neither too little.

Step 4 – Take your cotton cloth or sponge (preferebly) and soak it in water. Keep in mind that we only want it to be wet and it should not be dripping wet or oversoaked. Just wet enough to wipe the wood without water dripping.

Step 5 – Once the cloth or sponge is comfortably wet start wiping the wood inside the humidor. Again keeping in mind that we don’t water to be dripped in the box instead we want to wipe it with a wet cloth.

Step 6 – While you are wiping you will notice wood change color and go darker. This is normal and expected just keep wiping till everything has been wiped. Also remember to wipe any trays or divider that you had taken out earlier.

Step 7 – Once wiped close the box and let it sit for 24 hours. Don’t open to check on anything since we don’t want any outside humidity entering and interfering with the process.

Step 8 – After 24 hours crank open the box and fit in all the gadgets and accesories in there right place.

Side Step 9 – You can also add humidification beads to even more enhance the seasoning as beads work well in maintaining humidity.

Step 10 – Once everything has been setup, close the box and leave it for 24 hours again. Again keep in mind to not open the box inbetween. This wait time is for box to adjust itself to new humidity and enhance the wood.

That’s it after 24 hours open the box and it will be ready for storing your cigars. See I told you it is quite simple. The only thing to remember while seasoning is to never open when not needed and to use distilled water.

I hope this helps you and makes it easier for you to season your humidors at home.