Best Cigar Lighter Reviews – 2022 Edition

A good cigar lighter can really make a difference in your smoking experience. The way you light up will affect the taste and smoke that comes out of it, so if you want to take things to another level, then invest in one of these great items today!

The best type of light for a cigar has long been debated, with some arguing that an electronic one can do just fine without refilling or replacing expensive batteries while others swear by their traditional flint lighters. Still, other people like myself say they prefer using propane models because you don’t have to worry about battery life-though these are typically more costly upfront than those which use disposable lithium-ion cells.

With that said, my favorite lighter for cigars is the butane gas model, as it’s easy to refill and doesn’t need batteries. I’ll list my 3 favorite here:

#1: Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

In 2015, Lamborghini released a lighter to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. The design of this luxury item is so unique that it might just be worth the price tag for any true car enthusiast or smoker who appreciates quality products. This product stands out from all other lighters thanks to its functionality and performance as well as striking aesthetics.

For those who are looking for a lighter that is sleek, stylish and turbocharged then the Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame Lighter is the way to go.

The Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame Lighter is a sleek, modern lighter that features a black and chrome finish with honeycomb etching on the jet surface. This triple jet wind-resistant flame lighter will be sure to light your cigars and cigarettes with ease. It also has an ergonomic feel so you can grasp it firmly in your hand as you smoke. The Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame Lighter is 2.75 inches (height) x 1.5 inches (width) .45 inches (depth).

#2: XIFEI Cigar Lighter

You can’t have power without style. This Xifei Lighter is the perfect fashion accessory for all your cigar needs. Featuring a stylish and sturdy 2 step, flat flame lighter, this bad boy will still look like new even after taking on some tough use from smoky cigars. The thick rubber materials make this product dependable and long-lasting as well!

XIFEI Cigar Lighter is a high quality butane torch lighter with unique design and multiple functions. It features a cigar punch on the top of the lighter, which can be removed and used independently. The flame from this powerful torch windproof lighter can light up your cigar in seconds, allowing you to enjoy smoking without any trouble.

Why Choose XIFEI Butane Torch Cigar Lighter?

  • High-quality metal body combined with multiple functions: This cigar lighter has a solid metal body that provides great durability and stability for use.
  • It also comes with multiple functions, including a cigar punch on the top of the lighter.
  • Ergonomic design: XIFEI Cigar Lighter features an ergonomic design that allows you to hold it with two hands and get control over the flame. This will make your cigar smoking experience more enjoyable without any worry about safety issues.
  • Multiple colors available: With four different color options for this versatile torch lighter (black, gold, silver, and red), you can choose one according to your preference or style!
  • The high-quality butane gas in this product makes sure there are no repeated attempts at lighting up your cigars until they stay

Best Cigar Lighter under $100

Xikar HP3

XIKAR’s HP3 is a unique windproof lighter that features one long jet for an even and powerful flame. It’s the perfect tool to light any cigar, anytime, anywhere.

A single long jet delivers a powerful windproof flame that lights cigars evenly and consistently every time. The large fuel tank provides over two hours of continuous lighting. A flip-top cover protects the single action ignition from moisture in your pocket or pack. And, it’s backed by XIKAR’s Lifetime Warranty so you can enjoy it for years to come!

Key benefits/features: In addition to its sleek and stylish design, the Pilot Light 2 is also equipped with a triple flame torch lighter. It has an easy-to-use flip top cap that makes it convenient for you to light your cigars without any hassle.

The high-quality material used in crafting this lighter ensures that it will last for a long time. This lighter is built to provide you with the best lighting experience every time you use it.

Best Cigar Lighter under $50

Quadruple Jet Torch Lighter

The Quadruple Jet Torch Lighter is a super 4-in-1 windproof lighter. It has 2 punch cutters and 1 cigar cutter, which can be used for any cigars sizes. The flame is red, so it’s windproof and even heat distribution for the best result.

This windproof lighter is very handy to use with one hand, you can easily light your cigars or cigarettes in any situation. And it’s easy to refill the butane gas into this lighter by yourself.
It’s a great gift for you and your friends!

Best Cigar Lighter under $30

Promise Cigar Torch Pen 

Promise Cigar Torch Pen is not only a cigar lighter, but also a torch. It’s easy to use and refillable. The gas butane lighter is refillable. 1.8g filled gas can be used for 300 times.

Easily adjust the flame height by rotating the lighter wheel, perfect as kitchen/outdoor lighters; The powerful torch jet flames emerge with a simple squeeze, also easily handle any breeze. The slim, lightweight design feels good and easy to put in your pocket.

How To Select a Cigar Lighter! A Buyer Guide

Flame Power: When buying a lighter, it is important to buy one with the right flame power for your needs. If you are smoking small-sized cigars then maybe even bic will suffice but if they are thick and require more heat than what smaller lighters can provide, go ahead and purchase something stronger that has a strong enough output or else you risk not being able to keep it lit long enough.

Torch Lighters: These are the most preferred way of lighting a stogie. Using double torch lighters can reduce the time it takes significantly. Also, they are mostly odorless, which means when you light your cigar no flavor will get transferred and the cigar gives you that authentic taste we all love!

This is also one of many reasons why Torch lighters have become quite popular in recent years; after all, who wants to ruin their enjoyment with an unpleasant smell? They’re also more wind resistant than other styles of lighter; plus some models come advertised as being waterproof.

Functionality: We all want a lighter that looks good, but what we need is one that works. Simple things like the position of the cover and jet power can really impact how well your cigar smokes. So look for those lighters with low resistance or burn time on our list because you’ll get more smoke from them than from something else!

Fluid Meter: A must-have for torch users, the fluid meter keeps you updated on how much more fuel is left. It’s always smart to keep a spare bottle of liquid nearby in case your supply runs out before it can be refilled again.

So many things to consider when buying a new torch, like the type of fluid and even how much it can hold. Is size your only concern? Maybe you want something that is refillable so you never have to worry about running out in the middle of a project but if efficiency or professional output tone are what make this purchase for then maybe look elsewhere because some torches just aren’t equipped with these features!

Flame Adjustment: If you’ve ever had trouble getting your cigar lit, then this is bound to be helpful. A flame adjustment control lets you adjust the strength of a jet so that it matches up with what type of mood and cigar size best suits you.

Thinner cigars require less power for ignition whereas thicker ones need more – so don’t light one as if they were both equally easy! Keeping these things in mind will really make sure your smoking experience is perfect every time; whether using an electronic lighter or not.

Final Draw:

The best cigar lighter is not always the most expensive one. Depending on your needs, you may be able to get a good quality light without paying for something that doesn’t work as well or that falls out of pocket when it’s time to buy new cigars again.

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