Cigar Punch or Cutter? What Are The Differences!

The cigar punch and cigar cutter are the first step tool that allows you to smoke your cigar. The only difference is how they work.

A cigar punch will make a hole in the head of the cigar, but it doesn’t remove any tobacco from around it as a blade would. A cigar cutter will cut off part of the end as well as removing some tobacco with its blade.

It’s up to you which works best for what you’re looking for in terms of smoking experience and convenience!

To start off with there are various methods on how to cut a cigar but for this topic, we are only going to be talking about two types that are punch and cutter.

Cigar Punch Vs Cutter – Main Differences

  • Punch Cut
  • Cutter

Using it – To make a hole with the punch, you insert it into your cigar’s top and push down until the tool has created an opening. Once completed you can pull out of cap from its body before either pushing back in to create another opening or going on for good depending on whether it has retractable blades or not.

A Cutter is similar as well but instead rather than inserting something deep inside they slice through one end by keeping their cigars between two sharp blades that are then closed together slicing along both sides so long as there wasn’t any resistance when cutting them apart.

When using a punch, you can get an even cut on the cigar’s head and have it open up more than if only one end of the cigar were punched. However, when cutting cigars with punches there is a chance that pieces may fall onto your lap or clothing. This is why some people prefer to use a cutter instead since they are much less likely to drop pieces of their cigar while slicing off sections from both ends at once.

where to cut the end of a cigar for the best smoke

The final pro/con for either tool is price: punches cost anywhere between $20-30 whereas most cutters will come in under $40 (no pun intended). The way you choose which tool works best for you depends on what feels right in

Smoke – The punch is perfect for those who want a lighter smoke because it creates only one small hole in the cigar and not much of that delicious smoke can escape. On the other hand, if you prefer an intense smoking experience or are looking to impress your guests with thick clouds then slicing through will give you just what you’re craving!

Draw – A punch may provide better airflow when smoking; so if you’re having trouble drawing air in through the cigar use a punch instead. A cutter will produce cleaner cuts and smoke less due to its smaller size but will require regular sharpening as well as careful handling of your hand around an open flame such as a lighter.

My Top Pick For Choosing a Cigar Punch

Xikar is my most favorite brand when it comes to cigar accessories and is also trusted by many other aficionados.

The Xikar Twist Punch Gunmetal is the ideal solution for a perfect cut every time. Our twist mechanism punch cutter clears any tobacco off the blades effortlessly, and with a 7mm blade width, you can enjoy your cigar right away! Save money by using this product on cigars where it may be difficult to pinch off the end (herf-a-dor smokes).

It also has depth settings that lets you set the depth of the hole for a perfect smoke that you want.

A perfect backup punch or a gift for any cigar smoker.

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Flavor – Since punch produces a small hole not leaving much space for air to travel and smoke to produce the flavor quality is not as good as the cutter.

Size – A punch is a really small tool which can fit easily on a keychain whereas cutters are not that small to keep em around all the time.

Convenience – A punch cut is quite simple and there is very less chance of ruining the cap and having the cigar unravel whereas if you don’t know how to use a cigar cutter or make a mistake and cut the cap at the wrong place the cigar can unravel and ruin the entire experience. Also sometimes with a cut there is loose tobacco which can come into your mouth during smoking.

Mistakes – If you make a punch cut and don’t like it you can always use a cigar cutter and correct the mistake but if you make a cut before and make a mistake there is no going back.

Tar Buildup –  Because of the small opening with a punch the tar gets accumulated at the end of it which overtime ruins the taste of the cigar whereas with a cutter this does not happen.

Finally – Cigar punches can only be used on round cap cigars whereas a cutter can be used on all types of cigars.

My Top Pick For Choosing a Cigar Cutter

The Xikar x8 black cigar cutter is the world’s only industrial-strength cigar cutter. Housed within a sleek, lightweight aluminum alloy frame, this beast can cut your favorite stogie up to 70 ring gauge and fits in your pocket with ease.

The blades are made of premium grade stainless steel so you never have to worry about anything but enjoying that smooth Cuaba or Macanudo flavor once it reaches its full potential. Please leave a review below if this product has met your standards for an exceptional cutting experience like no other!

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This was my list of reasons for the cigar punch vs cutter argument, which one do you use and why? Leave a comment below and let me know.

So, Which one should you use for your cigars?

If you’re looking for a cleaner cut, go with the cutter. The punch can tear up the cigar and create an uneven surface when cutting into it.

This will give you more of a messy smoke than if using your hands to wrap your lips around the edge or drawing from one end while simultaneously lighting the opposite side through use of matches or lighter fluid.

A cigar cutter is easier to use too because all you need to do is find something that resembles an even point and run it along the length of tobacco until it cuts right in half! This leaves no part untouched by fire so there’s less chance at suffering any burn damage on your lower lip like what would happen if punching were done inside-out.

Should A Beginner Cigar Smoker Use a Punch or a Cutter?

We recommend that new cigar smokers use punches. From personal experience, we know how difficult it can be to cut a cigar with a cutter without dropping pieces onto your clothes or lap the first time round. The best thing about using a punch is the fact that they are cheaper than most cutters and you don’t run as high of a risk of slicing off too much tobacco for an improper smoke!

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